My daughter, Soumya Rai, first joined TBC in 7th grade in their Cadet program. Soumya knew she wanted to be part of her high school’s marching band, so I encourage her to join this program. Not only did TBC help Soumya learn how to march, but it helped her improve her musical skills and know what to expect from her high school marching band. TBC has had a large impact on Soumya when she joined their officer board. Being an officer has taught her many important life skills such as communication, time management, and leadership skills. She was really shy before joining TBC, but becoming an officer and participating with the group has helped her meet people from around the Bay Area. TBC taught Soumya how to balance officer tasks, school, and other extracurriculars in a well-organized manner. Becoming an officer with the group had helped Soumya become more confident with sharing her ideas and taking leadership roles outside of TBC as well. TBC helps kids utilize their summer in a productive way. Looking at the professional growth that occurred in my daughter, I know TBC has been a very beneficial experience for her. I encourage you to join TBC and participate in their programs!