Tri-City Band Corps has been an awesome high school experience for my son Jonathan Stock. He has been excited in participating in a special club that features students. I took his siblings to see him perform in parades and they looked up greatly to him. My son has been extremely proud to be a member of TBC. Ever since Jonathan has joined TBC my other son was eager to begin one of the programs in the Tri-City Band Corps. His younger brother has now been in TBC for 2 years and wants to continue in his brother’s footsteps. Now after watching Jonathan graduate, I can now see what an amazing impact the Tri-City Band Corps has had on my son as he now awaits to continue his education going into college. I also believe that TBC has helped my son get into a good college where as if he hadn’t joined TBC, he wouldn’t be in the position he is right now. TBC teaches students a great responsibility beyond any other organization as it is totally run by students.