Priya Chandra

2019 - 2020 Senior Financial Officer
School: Irvington High School

I joined TBC’s cadet regiment the summer after seventh grade after hearing about it from my school band teacher. Before joining TBC, I was never very passionate about the band and I had no idea if I was going to continue playing my instrument throughout high school. At first, TBC was just another time-killing summer activity, but through this organization, I have learned more, had more fun, and made more memories than through any other organization I have been a part of. By marching with TBC, I have become a more disciplined, dedicated, and confident leader.TBC was my introduction to competition-style marching, so when I joined Irvington’s marching band in ninth grade, I had a head start above most other freshmen. It is thanks to TBC that I was able to excel in my school’s marching junior varsity marching band and eventually join the varsity marching band. TBC has also given me the opportunity to meet and befriend students from other schools as well as deepen my connection with the friends who have the same love for music as me. When I learned that I could become a part of the team leading TBC, I was so excited at the thought of being able to make a change in the team I’ve already been a part of for two years. Through my experiences as a member of TBC’s officer team, I’ve learned the basics of running a real company and real-life skills such as fundraising and public speech. I have no regrets joining this amazing organization and I will be forever grateful towards TBC for all the memories and friends it has given me.