Abala Iyer

My son, Rohan Iyer, has been part of TBC for about 2 years. He started as a Teaching Assistant where he taught students to play snare. Initially unsure of what he was signing up for, I have to say that he really enjoyed the teaching sessions. He looked forward to the classes as it gave him the opportunity to share his musical skills with his students. The TA opportunity also taught him how to plan lessons for the scheduled time and execute it. In the summer of 2021, Rohan became a Finance Officer as he wanted to take on more responsibility. He knew that being in an officer role meant extra responsibility and more work. However, he wanted to take the opportunity to learn more skills that would lay a strong foundation for his future. While in this role, he learned many new skills. By participating in the Fall Feed where he volunteered, he learned how to plan and organize for an event. It also taught him teamwork and collaboration. By writing Facebook posts which had information for TBC officers and members, Rohan had the opportunity to develop and improve his writing skills. He also had the opportunity to write a grant application for TBC. I’m proud that Rohan is a member of the TBC organization. With various opportunities and roles at TBC, it has been great to watch him become a responsible young adult. It has made him more accountable, responsible and organized. I’ve seen him become more confident and participate in more events/meetings. I’m very proud of how TBC has transformed him by providing a platform to grow and learn. I’m thankful to TBC for the support and guidance they have provided to my son and helped him grow as a young adult.