Andy Tsui

TBC has had such a big impact on my son Alvin. When I first heard about TBC, I was struck by its structure and professionalism. Soon after, I encouraged Alvin to supplement his musical experience by joining their new Cadet program. Through reluctant at first, he did join the program and since then, it's safe to say that he's never looked back. I've seen firsthand how TBC has benefited Alvin. He's learnt so much, both musically and in terms of life experience. After becoming an officer on the Officer board, I've seen how much his professional work ethic has changed for the better. Through his time as an officer, I've seen him gain more confidence in a professional environment. He has also drastically elevated his leadership abilities. Through the parades and various events hosted by TBC, Alvin has expanded his social circle to include people from all around the Bay Area. And it doesn't hurt that the group works hard together to put together a show for the community. All of this personal growth might not have happened as quickly had it not been for TBC and the opportunities, leadership or otherwise, that it presents to members, members like my son Alvin. Looking back on his experiences in TBC, I'm sure that he would agree with me when I say that TBC has done so much for him. It has helped him in ways few organizations can, and ultimately, I'm glad I encouraged him to join TBC that summer.