Atreyo Chakrabarty

2019 - 2020 Chief Technology Officer
School: Foothill High School

I joined TBC in my sophomore year because I wanted to apply my knowledge of coding and computer science towards something that would benefit the community while also pursuing my passion for music performance. Over my years at TBC I have learned several important things about being a leader and have also had the opportunity to contribute to the program in many ways. I began my journey as DCTO (deputy chief technology officer) and began to figure out how the program worked. I’m happy to say that the members of TBC are very kind and welcoming people. As I interacted with different officers throughout the program it was really easy to make great friends along the way. As I went on to acquire the skills required to run the tech side of TBC, which consists of lots of database management and website maintenance, I was given the honor of being able to run the technology department as chief technology officer. By being given that responsibility I learned lots about delegation, work ethic, and teamwork as I pushed to make my team function at its full potential. I’m happy to say that my work has paid off in many ways, primarily in the form of the new website that you are all looking at right now. Being part of a non-profit with all my amazing friends has really been a heartwarming experience for me. As someone going on to be a computer science major in the future, TBC gave me a wonderful opportunity to express my interest in the subject through my work. TBC was initially something that I had to get used to, especially coming from a school outside of Fremont, but as I have become increasingly familiar with everyone the experience has become both enjoyable and memorable.