Ankita Iyer

Kriti, my daughter, first joined TBC in her sophomore year of high school as a Finance officer. During high school band, she played French horn and being on the TBC team has helped her not only to do well in her school music program, but also gave her many opportunities to receive and gain a lot of music related knowledge. She learned many life skills like being disciplined and organized, having better time management, decision making. She can now network better with improved communication skills. During her Finance officer tenure, Kriti has learnt to take initiative and strengthen outreach skills. This program has also helped Kriti to acquire leadership and has been a good extracurricular activity during the demanding high school work pressure. TBC has been flexible in response to this high pressure, making it enjoyable and convenient for my kid to be part of it. I would also like to give a special thanks to Harrison for his dedication and commitment , who tirelessly drives this program to coach and prepare kids for the real world. In addition to the experience TBC offers to kids, the child's parents are also provided with college preparation seminars, educating parents about their kid's college application path. As a first-generation immigrant, these seminars were very helpful in clearing up confusions I had about the process. Another thing that stood out to me was that TBC kids were offered an option to join a Southern California Colleges Tour led by Harrison. Kriti got the opportunity to explore college campuses aided by Harrison's knowledge about the UC system. It was also a fun bonding experience for everyone involved. They gained some experience in independently managing their routines, such as where to eat and rooming arrangements. This has helped us as parents & Kriti to take better decisions towards her college application process. Additionally, her contribution to TBC has a valuable place on her college application because of the service hours and opportunities she got. Kriti's super positive TBC experience has helped her build many connections with students across FUSD and inspired her cousins, who are also part of the TBC family now. This program really emphasizes to students the importance of music, taking ownership and contributing to the community. I strongly recommend parents that their kids join TBC, which will provide them lots of opportunities to grow. Thank you TBC!