Antonio Lam

When my daughter, Kelsie, decided to join TBC’s Italy trip, it is the first time I checked out TBC’s program. First, I was worried to let her go to another country without parents. However, TBC has provided parents lots of trip details such as the trip schedule, flight information, hotel details, restaurant information, daily rundowns, etc. I was surprised to see how well TBC was prepared and organized. It released me from my worries. I was happy to see that she had a great time in Italy and even had many experiences and stories to share. I truly feel that she has become more outgoing after this trip in Italy. She has been working as an officer since ninth grade and I have definitely seen how her work ethic has improved. TBC’s officer system also allows the students to get a taste of the work environment so they will be better prepared for their future careers. Furthermore, I’ve found that the Special Needs Percussion Program is a great addition to TBC. I am happy to see that she is able to put her love in music in doing something that is meaningful for the community.