Christine Ma

2019 - 2020 Special Needs Regiment Director
School: Milpitas High School

Being from outside of Fremont, I barely knew anyone when I first joined TBC. I was curious about what performing in a parade was like, and although it was fun and I found a few friends among the percussion section, I still felt out of place. It wasn’t until after I started volunteering for the Special Needs Percussion Regiment (one of TBC’s auxiliary programs) that TBC really started growing on me. I learned a lot about teaching students with special needs and using creativity in leadership. Working with the instructor, the students and families, and the other volunteers really made me open up and break out of my shell! The program gave me so many experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise, like attending NCBA Championships, that I decided to return the following year as an officer. The added layer of responsibility really taught me a lot about leadership/management, and I can wholeheartedly say that directing the Special Needs Percussion Regiment has been one of my most meaningful high school extracurriculars. As an added benefit, I made a lot of new friends this time around in the other TBC officers—some of whom have become my closest friends! Looking back on it all, I’m incredibly thankful for everything I’ve learned from TBC and for all the amazing people I’ve met through this group.