2017-2018 Chief Internal Affairs Officer
School: Mission San Jose High School

Before I became an officer, I came to one of TBC’s fall parades and was amazed at how a group of high school students was able to create a band among their community. Interested in what I saw, I decided to join their community as an officer at the end of my sophomore year. Though very nervous and shy at the beginning, I began to understand how to use my talents within TBC by creating new plans to improve our online store and help manage fundraisers as part of the Finance department. In addition, I had found out that TBC has such a great community of talented peers who you can always count on to help and push you past your limits. Along with them, I was able to take up a stand and move up as Chief Internal Affairs Officer where I took great pride in my work and in leading my department. Through rigorous work, I learned how to balance my academics and daily activities, molding me into a leader for such a wonderful and talented team. TBC has truly developed me into the person that I am today. At the end of my junior year now, I look back at how much I have accomplished in just one year with TBC. I am very grateful for the friends have made along the way and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors with and without TBC. Thank you TBC for all the great memories and experience I could ever have!