When my daughter decided to apply to be an officer at Tri-City Band Corps, I was unsure about the time commitment and its value as an extracurricular activity. After two years, I can confirm that my doubts are gone and are instead replaced with admiration for the group and its accomplishments. My daughter has learned a large amount since she joined TBC, and I can see the change that it brought in her daily life. In the past, she has struggled with time management skills, something that I tried to emphasize the importance of. After her time with TBC, I have seen a noticeable change in her time management and an improvement in her work ethic and ability to focus on her schoolwork, which I largely attribute to her maturing as an adult as well as her time at TBC. I have also enjoyed her contribution to the TBC marching band. After she dropped her school band, I was worried she would let go of all the effort she put into developing her musical capabilities. However, TBC provided her with alternative occasions to put her flute abilities to use. Since then, she has been able to win numerous awards with the group and has thoroughly enjoyed her time in doing so. To recap, my daughter has had a great experience as being an officer for TBC and I am glad that she took the initiative to apply and work hard for her spot. She and I are both grateful for the skills and lessons that she has picked up during her time as a member of TBC. I am proud of the fact that my daughter is an officer in the group and I encourage you to consider it as well. 

My daughter, Isha Gupta, has had a wonderful time working as a finance officer for the Band Corps. Over the years, she has gained a surplus of knowledge and enjoyment from partaking in TBC’s various events and activities. TBC has given her the opportunity to be a part of a tight-knit community and contribute to projects that pertain to her career interests. She is always working on one event or the other, and I am very proud of the maturity and effort she displays through collaborating with those around her to create successful events. I have also noticed that her ability to think on the spot and lead groups has tremendously increased since her joining of the group. These are all skills that I am sure will be applied in her future and I am very glad that she has been able to develop them now instead of trying to figure them out later. After leaving the marching band at her school, Isha still wanted to practice her musical abilities in one way or the other. TBC’s parades allowed her to still apply the skills she had learned in the school band and have fun while doing so. She is always so excited to go to each parade and comes back feeling weary but contented. I am always happy to take her to each rehearsal and watch her have fun while playing with others. I believe that music creates an unbreakable bond between people and I am glad that she has been able to share this experience with those around her. I am very thankful to TBC for providing my daughter with the opportunity to collaborate and bond with like-minded people and for arming her with the necessary skills for her future job and life. I know that Isha genuinely feels the same way, and I would encourage anyone else to take part in this experience.