Being a part of Tri-city Band Corps has provided my daughter, Ishrat, with a great experience. From this program, she has learned a lot as well as improved on qualities such as leadership and public speaking. When Ishrat first applied to this program, I was a bit wary of whether she would excel in it or do anything worthwhile. After being in it for four years, I can safely say that it is a program in which she acquired many qualities that are essential in the working world. Not only has TBC allowed her to become a more efficient student, but it has also allowed her to mature and understand the importance of time management and other skills that hold an integral role in the real world. After joining the officer board, TBC held a bigger part in Ishrat’s life. She had to adapt and learned many skills such as communication, time management, and leadership. She also had to learn how to balance school, other extracurricular activities, and being a part of TBC. She also became more confident and was not scared to share her ideas and opinions with others. Over the last four years, I have seen her work ethic also improve. Ishrat has also had a great experience being a part of the officer board and I am glad that she was encouraged to apply to the board. I am thankful to TBC for allowing my daughter to grow and providing her with such positive experiences. Tri-City Band Corps is an organization that I encourage all parents to allow their children to join.