2019 - 2020 Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Sales)
School: Mission San Jose High School

I first joined TBC in my freshman year of high school for the fall parades with the intention to improve and expand my marching skills in a group outside of school marching band. A few months later, I became an officer and since then my journey with TBC has been filled with valuable experiences. TBC doesn’t just include marching and playing new music, but being an officer you can gather many skills that are ideal for management at a young age. All the mistakes I’ve made in TBC have taught me how to execute tasks and to improve my skill sets and I am glad that I had this experience at an early age and not at a later time. Throughout my time as an officer, I learned to design flyers, talk with businesses about fundraising, and manage event logistics, each of which taught me many lessons about work ethics. I have made many new friends from different schools and have had the opportunity to lead in many aspects of the program. I am very glad I made the decision to join TBC as a member and then an officer in freshman year and I am very thankful to the officer team. To anybody who is thinking about joining, you should definitely consider it!