Deshna Kankaria

2022-2023 Chief Membership Officer

I started TBC about 6 months ago as a Recruitment Officer for Washington High School. Already, I have grown to be the Assistant Department Head of Operations. Not only, have I moved up in rank, but I have also grown a lot, professionally and personally through this organization. I’ve learned how to manage my time, how professional workspace operate, how to collaborate with other, and how to solve problems. I’ve also learned how to build relationships, talk to other people confidently, and have fun. Tri-City Band Corps has given me leadership experience and band experience with people outside of my school. This helped me learn more about different marching bands while improving my community (and getting those verified service hours!). Initially, I struggled with this new transition to organized work but through TBC not only am I fixing bad habits of procrastination but also, learning how to adapt to new circumstances. Helping my community and seeing how I can directly spread change is inspiring, and something I learned through this organization. Not only do we offer free music lessons, college counseling sessions, and parade experience, we also help our community by spreading our love for music and inspiring future generations of musicians. Being an officer for this amazing team of people is a truly unique and educational experience and I hope you love being a part of this community as much as I do!

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