I’m the father of Jonathan Stock who has been involved with the Tri-City Band Corps for four years. Watching the development of my son has been exciting as his father. I have watched him develop into a responsible young adult who has changed with help from participation with the band and his peers. The high school years have been trying for us as parents. But the dedication and responsibility that my son’s developed through his participation has been quite remarkable. He’s no longer the same child who needs to be told what needs to get done. He’s learned to plan, organize, and take responsibility for both himself and others. He’s become a leader as opposed to being a follower of the herd. I often see him helping around the house without being asked to. Tri-City Band Corps has helped to groom him into becoming an adult and thinking more about his future instead of just about high school. By him becoming an officer in TBC, Jonathan has gotten help when it came time to start thinking about college. Where would he attend based on the skills he has acquired, what he’ll need to describe to gain admission to a school of his choosing, and more questions have been answered because of his work in TBC. The trip to Italy with Tri-City Band Corps in January of 2018 was a trip of a lifetime for my son. His maturity after his return from this trip was the biggest change I’ve noticed. He was proving his respect to everyone he knew and felt as if he could make much more of a difference to this world based on the opportunities given to him. This led to him joining the officer board in the summer of 2018. I think my son having the opportunity to perform internationally as well as having the opportunity to see ancient history gave him a new perspective of the world along with his part in it. I am proud of the transformation my son has made, I credit a lot has been because of his involvement with the Tri-City Band Corps. I thank you for the help in turning my son into a responsible young adult and I encourage you to consider your child to join this organization as well.