Gopinath R

My daughter, Samyuktha GL started off in TBC in her freshman year. She was given the position of Chief Communications Officer. As time went by, I saw her dedication and commitment to this position. She engaged with different activities TBC had to offer and found herself to be a great fit in the officer team. The same year, she was promoted to department head of the Operations Team. She took more responsibility in this position and I was glad to see her leadership skills develop. I also noticed her often communicating with others in order to finish tasks. Through this position, my daughter has built a great mindset. I have seen her own up to her mistakes and take responsibility for her actions. She has also improved a lot in managing her time wisely as she is involved in other extracurricular activities and school work. TBC has helped Samyuktha a lot with personal growth and I am very happy that TBC is providing a great experience for her to be a part of. I will definitely encourage others to be part of such an amazing organization which allows students to evoke their interest in music and leadership.