Ishrat Virk

2019-2020 Supply Department Head
School: Mission San Jose High School

I joined Tri-City Band Corps Cadet Regiment in eighth grade because I was curious about what marching band was and to see if I it would be something that I would enjoy doing in high school. I wanted to be up to par for what I was going to be encountering in a high school marching band. I’m so glad that I joined the Cadet Regiment because it helped me prepare for my high school marching band and be more confident with my marching and music skills. Ultimately, I applied to be an officer because I wanted to contribute more towards this organization and my community. In my freshman year I applied and reached my position if Chief Supply Officer. Being an officer in this organization provided me with so many fond memories as well as many lessons learned along the way. Leading an entire team taught me the importance of communication and patience. TBC has provided me with many opportunities from volunteering to leadership. I am grateful to all the experiences TBC has given me to help me grow personally and musically.