Jodie Ni

As a proud mom, I am honored to write this testimonial for my son, Jonathan Zhang, to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible impact the Tri-City Band Corps has had on my child's life. Being a part of this organization has not only enriched his musical abilities but has also helped shape them into a confident and dedicated individual. Throughout the seasons, I readily saw him get excited to tell me about band activities as well as when he prepared for them. The band's exceptional instructors, like Harrison Cheng, have nurtured his talent, challenging them to reach new heights. I have seen my child's skills grow, and I am astounded by the progress he has made in the Tri-City Band Corps. My child has formed lasting friendships and cherished memories through his shared experiences with his bandmates, creating bonds that extend far beyond the rehearsal room or the stage. I have seen this first-hand when I attend some parades with my son. The way he talks and interacts with his fellow teammates and students is very special, and I am happy he found a community of like-minded people. I am immensely grateful for the transformative impact the Tri-City Band Corps has had on my child's life. Thank you for providing a platform where my child's love for music could flourish, and for fostering an environment that has nurtured his personal and musical growth.