Jasmine Chen

2011-2012 Chief Executive Officer
School: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Nursing

During my time as CEO in TBC, I learned invaluable corporate management skills. I was able to experience being in executive management at a young age, a rare opportunity. The experience helped me immensely in life — delegating tasks during my job, working in groups, understanding company policies, presenting during meetings, writing emails, making speeches, writing resumes, and so on. One unforgettable task as CEO was conducting interviews. I dreaded them at the time, but through interviewing others, I was able to gain insight into what most people look for in interviews. This of course aided me in my future interviews which undoubtedly helped me get into college, programs, half a dozen part time jobs, and finally my first real job. To this day, I am grateful for how much TBC pushed me to grow out of my comfort zone, the many opportunities it provided me, and the many paths it still opens up for me.