Jonathan Zhang

2022-2023 Cadet Regiment Director (Cupertino)
School: Mission San Jose High School

I am honored to have the opportunity to write this self-testimonial to express my gratitude and highlight the incredible experiences I've had as the Cadet Regiment Director. Throughout my time in the Tri-City Band Corps, I have grown both as a musician and as an individual, and I am proud of the contributions I have made to the band. From the moment I joined the Tri-City Band Corps in 11th grade, I was captivated by the power of music and the sense of unity it brings. Each rehearsal, parade, and concert felt gratifying and the time flew by. As a dedicated member, I have consistently strived for excellence, putting in countless hours of practice to refine not only my own skills, but that of the ones around me, and also contribute to the band's overall sound. I have always approached rehearsals and performances with a strong work ethic, never settling for mediocrity, and because of that, I believe that the Cadet Regiment prospered as a whole. One of my proudest achievements with the Tri-City Band Corps was the July 4th Parade in 2022. It was barely a month since the start of the summer season, yet the progress I saw during the parade made me feel a sense of achievement. The unity of the band combined with good music was truly a sight to see. Special thanks to my Cadet team, who are both diligent and patient, and also Harrison for guiding me throughout the entire way. In conclusion, being a part of the Tri-City Band Corps has been an extraordinary journey. I am proud of my accomplishments, and the friendships and experiences I have made have definitely shaped me. Thank you, Tri-City Band Corps, for giving me the chance to be a part of something truly remarkable.

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