Madeline Zheng

2014-2015 Chief Executive Officer
School: University of Southern California
Major: Applied and Computational Mathematics

Throughout my high school years, TBC was a platform for opportunities not only to further explore music but also to immerse myself in real-world management – and I think that unique versatility forms the core of its value to every student. I still remember the dynamic progression of my TBC experience: as a freshman I quietly sat in on my first indoor rehearsal, while by senior year I was rushing around the bay to secure legal renewal of our business name, managing officer meetings and parade plans, working to strategically target areas of future growth, and more. Lessons learned through that journey have followed me as I've made my way through other endeavors, manifesting in everything from band concerts to strategy consulting projects. I have no doubt that the program will continue to develop, expand, and offer similarly worthwhile experiences to all.