Miranda Zhou

2015-2016 Supply Officer
School: UC Berkeley
Major: Business

I joined TBC in the summer of my freshman year of high school and without a doubt, the memories made within the organization are one of the best experiences made in my high school career. At first, colorguard from marching band was just a replacement for PE that was required in my high school. I didn't want feel any connection to it nor the people in it. Joining Tbc was also just a rash decision made with one of my friends to get some service hours. Little did we know how much of an impact TBC has made on our lives. Compared to our school's marching band, TBC is very welcoming. When I joined, I definitely felt that I joined a closely knit community who was gathered there to bring joy and music to our local community. Our colorguard routine was made by fellow students that combined the style of the different high school around the area. The music was also much more in the form of entertainment and fun. Without a doubt, the music we played during the parade brought smiles to the audience because I would not stop grinning as I performed to the frozen theme song. After freshman year, I continued to attend TBC events throughout my high school career and even joined the officer board in my senior year so I can contribute more to this organization that brought me so much these past four years. Regardless of if you play and instrument or not, know colorguard or not, you know definitely join TBC and develop another array of memories that will continue to contribute to who you are.