When my daughter Priya Chanda joined TBC, I did not expect such dramatic and life-changing outcomes. Priya has always been a smart kid but she was never really good with time management and leadership. However, I’ve noticed that after joining TBC, Priya’s leadership, time management, and other skills have immensely improved. TBC has helped my daughter become a stronger leader, a more diligent student, and a more caring person. The organization has given Priya the opportunity to grow and mature far more than any other program she has ever been a part of. The many skills Priya has gained through this wonderful program will certainly benefit her during college, the workforce, and more importantly, the rest of her adult life. I’m very glad that I learned about this program when I did. I genuinely do not think Priya would be where she is today without it. I am proud to say that I have witnessed Priya improve not just musically but also as a person. Through the many events hosted by TBC, Priya has also made many more valuable friends that will surely help her grow into a passionate and responsible adult. I am proud to say that allowing Priya to join TBC was one of the best choices I’ve made for her and her future. I am forever grateful for the multitude opportunities TBC has provided our family and I recommend anyone with even a slight interest in music or the desire to grow and become a stronger person to join this incredible organization.