Oscar Surendranath

Chief Administrative Officer
American High School

A music education is something that all students should get a chance to experience at some point in their lives. TBC offers this and much more to not just elementary kids but also offers the opportunity to high schoolers to get experience operating this kind of program. As a TBC officer, I was able to help contribute to these student's music education. I also got to meet some amazing people over time. When I first heard about TBC, I had been a TA for one of the online summer classes. After hearing about opportunities to join from a previous officer, I realized that this not only would be a great opportunity for myself but also to be able to help young students learn and grow. Personally, the biggest thing I believe that joining TBC teaches one is responsibility. Working with others to make things happen requires each and every person to communicate efficiently so that results get produced. There's also plenty of opportunities to grow as well as pick up new skills. During the year, TBC runs a class for its officers on things such as google sheet functions, using eventbrite, givebutter and some salesforce software. Being an officer at TBC has helped me grow as a person and made me more responsible. It has also widened my views of the world and taught me a lot about what goes into making an organization work. On the fun side, you get to spend a lot of time with other officers at/after events and the parades take you to a lot of interesting and fun places. Additionally, if you're responsible the system is pretty forgiving and a frequent activity done is looking back upon previous mistakes and learning from it. Being an officer here really is a unique experience that is truly hard to find anywhere else. Hopefully, TBC can continue its educational programs in the future forever.