My son, Atreyo has been in TBC for the last 3 years. During this time, he learned many life skills that helped me to become a leader. He now holds an officer position in TBC. It has prepared him to face challenges with deadlines, time management, prioritizations, and commitments. TBC has contributed immensely in the holistic growth of my son during his high school years. I am very thankful to TBC’s organizational philosophies that helped my son to come out of his comfort zone and helped him to get ready for college and life. Atreyo is a passionate trombone player and he marches the baritone. He enjoyed the parades in TBC and loved to teach marching techniques to younger folks. TBC gave him a platform to teach, learn from others, show leadership skills and helped him boost his confidence and self- esteem. TBC’s multiple events helped him to reach out to different communities and share the joy of music. Managing TBC’s website was another challenge that Atreyo took on. TBC gave him the opportunity to spend time on it and make changes to make it more meaningful and effective. Through this process, my son learned the life skills of accountability and responsibility. As a parent, I felt very proud when Atreyo came up with solutions using innovative technology. TBC gave him the time and opportunity to build and demonstrate these ideas. Overall TBC is a great organization to participate in the high school years. I highly recommend this organization as a platform to develop leadership skills. It also gives opportunity to kids to express and share thoughts and ideas. This organization empowers students and helps them grow as strong individuals with great values and ethics.