Quarter Two




Hello TBC members! We’re excited to present the second newsletter of the 2021-22 year! The newsletter will cover past and upcoming events for this quarter. TBC would like to thank all of our students, volunteers, officers, teachers, and parents who have worked throughout the pandemic for their work, support, and dedication towards keeping TBC and music alive. 


Fall Parades

TBC’s Royal Regiment participated in two parades this last fall: the Niles Festival of Lights and the Hollister Lights On Parade. The parades were open to both band and color guard students, and students benefited from earning community service hours and meeting new friends!

Fall Pasta Feed

Our annual Fall Feed was on Sunday, November 21 from 5 PM to 9 PM at the Centerville Community Center! People brought their friends and family to support TBC while enjoying unlimited food, including pasta, salads, garlic bread, mac and cheese, cake, boba, and more.

In-Person Elementary Band Program (Hastati Regiment)

The 2021-22 school year Hastati Elementary Band Program has seen a large amount of participation so far. We’re beginning our hybrid program, with us soon offering optional in-person rehearsals this year. Registration is still open for our beginning band, so make sure to sign up here! We are continuing to offer video lessons, SmartMusic, weekly sectionals, and virtual performance opportunities. Our previous performances and more information on the program can be found here.

Eternal Regiment

TBC’s 2021-22 Eternal Regiment has been having in-person rehearsals with students from Fremont and Cupertino sites. The group is taught by world-class instructors, Ben Wilkinson, Jenny Hunter, Melchor Bongato, and Ashlyn Reth. Students can learn the basics of color guard (flag and dance). 

For more information on the eternal regiment please refer to our page on the group. 

College Counseling Sessions

With the coronavirus impacting the world in numerous ways, college admissions are changing. TBC will be hosting two free presentations over Zoom geared towards parents and students of all ages to help make an informed decision for their high school class selection, clubs, activities, and how the performing arts can help you. The first session will take place on Saturday, February 12th from 4-6 PM, and the second on Monday, February 21st from 3-5 PM for students in Junior high school students. Registration is required so be sure to sign up using this link. Hope you can attend!

2022-2023 Officer Applications

Please be on the lookout for our Executive/Department Head officer applications which will be opening in January! The executive team along with the department heads oversee the entirety of TBC and are the highest-ranking officers within the organization. Executive officers work with extremely high expectations of responsibility, punctuality, and integrity, as expected of our most senior officers. 
Our general officer applications will also be opening soon in March! TBC owes all of its success to the amazing help and dedication from our officers. Becoming an officer is an extremely valuable experience that will provide an opportunity to develop leadership and management skills in a professional environment. There is a huge range of officer positions, so there is always something for everyone to apply for. We would love to have you on our team! We look forward to receiving your applications soon!

Spring Feed

Our annual Spring Feed is coming up on April 10 from 5 PM to 9 PM! Make sure to bring your friends and family and support TBC, where you can enjoy unlimited pasta, salads, garlic bread, lasagna, cake, boba, and more. Tickets are $15 each, and the money will be used to help us fund our various music programs throughout the year, buy new equipment, pay for transportation, and much more!

Spring Feed

TBC’s Spring Scrip will be active from February until April! By purchasing gift cards through ShopWithScrip from your favorite stores and restaurants, you can directly support TBC with no extra cost to you. There are 700+ available stores that you can order from, so make sure to check out the catalog here. You can order either physical or e-gift cards. Physical gift cards will be collected and distributed at the end of the fundraiser, and e-gift cards will immediately be sent online after purchase.

Thank you!

Leena Jazrawi

2021-2022 TBC Chief of Staff