Ramesh Velurunni

Vaivasvat joined TBC in October 2022. In this role, Vaivasvat is leading a team of other music enthusiasts who collaborate with him and gain more experience themselves in bettering their abilities to read and create music. Vaivasvat participates in a monthly team meeting comprising almost 90 like-minded high school kids. It is amazing to watch him learn how serious professional work happens while being in a positive environment that encourages young musicians to accomplish larger goals as an organization. Thanks to TBC, Vaivasvat now has early professional experience which makes him more well-rounded and prepares him for the challenges the world has to offer. Vaivasvat loves to work with musical notes. As Chief Musical Composer in his first year at TBC, I am confident that this experience will form a strong foundation to build an exemplary career in the future.