Samyuktha Gopinath Lakshmi

Chief Operations Officer

I became part of TBC about a year ago and since then I have grown so much as an officer. To start off, I was given a senior officer position (chief communications officer) in my freshman year. This position allowed me to work with different departments and programs TBC had to offer. I found myself very engaged in TBC as I always volunteered for activities, not required in my job description. By doing so, I was able to meet many amazing officers and build great friendships. Due to my dedication to TBC, I was promoted to Chief Operations Officer, the same year. In this position, I have acquired many challenges which I was able to learn valuable lessons from. Given more responsibilities, I was forced to overcome procrastination and work efficiently. This role has taught me a lot about myself and has pushed my boundaries. Through my experience in TBC, I have learned about true dedication to a team, how to work in a group setting, leadership, and most of all the definition of community. With so many programs and events happening in TBC, our officer team works together in order to make this successfully happen. I found myself to be in a hard-working community in the TBC officer team. Overall, my experience at TBC has been very educational and truly memorable. I look forward to my next year in TBC as an executive officer.