Sabella Han

2022-2023 Chief Recruitment Officer

I was first introduced to TBC in my freshman year of high school through a friend who was an officer there. I was looking for service hours and volunteering opportunities, so I thought that TBC would be a great way to achieve both my goals. As an active member of my high school’s band, I thought that it would be great to work in a community with students that have similar goals and backgrounds as I did. After being convinced to join as an officer, I was introduced to a wonderful team that gave me experiences that I could not gain elsewhere. Through TBC, I learned so many skills that would be a great help to me in the future. These skills included reaching out and communicating with others, leadership, working as a team, and so much more. Along with this, I achieved my initial plans of joining a non-profit organization and earning service hours. I realized that there was so much more to joining TBC than what I originally had in mind. Although the workload is heavy at times, where I had to send almost a hundred emails and call multiple people within a few days, this was both a tiring and rewarding experience. It was hectic at times, but fulfilling after knowing that you’ve completed such a task. Through this, I finally understood the reality of hard work, as well as leadership.