Sathya Vasudevan

My daughter, Swarna Vinaitheerthan, started off in TBC as a freshman and was chosen for a general finance officer role. She was unhappy with this selection, as she expected a higher role. However, I noticed that she began to work extremely hard to move up the ranks. Starting with the Festival of Arts and Wine, she volunteered for most of the hours that she could, and even asked us to pitch in! I really saw her dedication shine through as she began to work with TBC a lot more. I was extremely impressed with the resilience she shows when faced with a challenge in other areas of her life because of the experiences she has gained in TBC. This organization provides students with knowledge ranging over many different fields, which will directly aid them in their future careers. This is one of the few organizations that introduces students to what a career in their positions would actually look like. They must take on responsibility and are able to develop their communication, leadership, and organizational skills while working on building an excellent work ethic as well. This organization has genuinely transformed my daughter into a harder working and higher achieving young adult. I was overjoyed to see her pride as she moved up the ranks, moving from financial officer to chief of grants to chief financial officer. Her hard work paid off and she learned various valuable skills along the way. TBC is genuinely an organization like no other and I am so happy she was able to join at the start of high school. I feel she is more prepared for her academic and professional careers because of the things she has done and continues to do in TBC. She also told me that her experiences in applying for grants, organizing fundraisers, getting sponsorships, etc. has given her an edge when it comes to applying for other extracurricular opportunities, because the experiences TBC provides are ones that are difficult to find elsewhere. I would strongly recommend that all students who are involved in music join TBC because of the wide array of experiences and skills it will give your child.