Soumya Rai

2020-2021 Chief of Staff
School: Washington High School

I joined TBC’s Cadet Regiment program in the summer of 7th grade through my friend’s recommendation because I wanted to be better prepared for high school marching band. Performing in the Redwood City Parade and the Salinas Colmo Del Rodeo Parade gave me the chance to perform in front of a large crowd of people for the first time and really see how marching band worked. TBC has helped me improve my marching skills and meet people from all over the Tri-City area. This has helped me become more open as I was an incredibly shy and quiet person. Starting in high school, I joined the officer team because I wanted to help contribute to the community and this organization. By becoming an officer, I have gained multiple valuable life skills such as communication skills and leadership skills. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities TBC has given me.