Suhas Palawala

2019-2020 Chief Recruitment Officer
School: American High School

As amazing as being a member of Tri City Band Corps’ marching program is, being a member of their officer program is an amazing experience. Initially, when joining the Tri City Band Corps officer team, I was incredibly worried about how I would balance my schedule with what looked like a very busy high school year. While it has only been six months since I have joined TBC, through our many events and meetings I have learned any essential skills along the way. One of the skills I lacked when I was first brought into the officer team was utilizing available resources. At its first glance, Trello does not seem like anything that would use to get in touch with people or post deadlines. However, I have found myself going back to this source for its efficiency. In the initial stages of recruitment for the Niles and Hollister Parades, I found it helpful to see all the deadlines posted clearly and in a way where we could always make changes if necessary. Trello is an effective way of posting assignments for an organization such as ours. Facebook and Messenger are two sources which I use not only for TBC, but everyday for high school programs. Both of these platforms are extremely accessible and are just as effective as having someone’s actual phone number. The fact that it is so popular helps people respond much quicker to notifications. I have also learned how to better my planning and conducting meetings capability. This has always been a little bit of a weak point in me because reaching out to others is not very easy for me. I have learned to plan meetings one month in advance so that people can schedule prior and will know if they have anything coming up. When conducting meetings, it is important to check in with everyone first and then get right into the job that needs to be done. Meeting are some of the only times people can collaborate so it is important to always make space for that. All of TBC’s events are fun and exciting and I hope to continue to be a part of the officer team.