Taylor Kern

2019 - 2020 Senior Supply Officer
School: Irvington High School

After 8th grade, I decided to join color guard at Irvington High School to bypass the PE class. But during that summer, I found myself signing up at TBC to join their guard as a way to get a “head start.” Encouraged by my other guard friend at the time I ended up doing the Redwood City 4th of July Parade and the Salinas Como del Rodeo Parade in the Cadet Regiment. These were truly wonderful experiences that allowed me to see what this organization could offer. It gave me a chance to perform and work with people I would normally never see or even get a chance to meet. It was a gateway to a whole new group of people that were working together for a large goal. I saw students managing and preparing the events, setting up meetings and activities, and in general just making sure everything was going smoothly. After Freshman year started, I decided to apply as an officer, as a way to gain experience in working with others and as a way to contribute to the group. This organization has helped me in so many ways from my sociability to my work ethic, and it has allowed me to make some amazing memories with some amazing people. TBC has done so many community events where I have performed alongside some of my now closest friends. This organization is not just a way to earn experience, it is a way to make some of the best memories of your high school career. Throughout my tenure with TBC, I worked as a supply officer, managing equipment for the rest of the group, which was a huge responsibility for me, but it taught me how to deal and work with these new tasks. Now after spending the majority of my breaks and free time with TBC, I can safely say I would never change it. I am so grateful to have been part of this amazing organization, meeting some amazing people and learning skills I could not have learned anywhere else.