Quarter Two




Greetings, TBC members! This issue of our newsletter introduces our upcoming events and wraps up this past quarter. We would like to thank all of our wonderful members and parents for their participation and tremendous support towards our organization.


Fall Parades Updates

This year, TBC had a great time performing in two of its annual fall parades. The Niles Festival of Lights has been a tradition for the past 15 years in Fremont. Despite the rain, TBC performed extremely well at the Niles parade on 11/23. In addition, TBC had a great time performing at the Hollister Lights On Parade in front of an audience of about 10,000 people! We hope you that you will join us next year in our fall parades in addition to our upcoming 2019 summer parades!


TBC Crab Feed

TBC is hosting its first crab feed on February 16th from 5-9pm at Elks Lodge (8991 Farwell Dr.) This is a joint fundraiser with Mission San Jose HS and Irvington HS Performing Arts, so profits will benefit all groups. There will be all-you-can-eat pasta, garlic bread, crab and much more! Tickets will be $55 per person and $500 for a table of ten. Tickets can be purchased here. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation through the website.  We hope to see you there!

Tri-City Winter Guard

This year TBC is proud to announce the new Tri-City Winter Guard (TCWG) under the direction of Ben Wilkinson, Fou Saelee, and Grantis Perranda. This team of world-class instructors will be leading our brand new Open class guard that will be competing in the WGI and CCGC circuits. TCWG was formed to address the lack of an open class guard in Northern California and features talented students from Mandarins, Blue Devils B, and Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets. The group consists of members from 6 different schools traveling from as far as Fresno. 

Show support for our members by coming out to their shows! Next show dates: February 9th at Independence High School, March 9th at Monta Vista High School, and March 16th-17th at Logan High School (WGI Regionals). Check the TBC website for updates on times!

Tri-City Winter Percussion

The TCP season has already begun with rehearsals underway at Irvington & Newark Memorial High School. They will have their next CCGC show at James Logan High School on Saturday (1/29) and their next WGI show in Merced on Saturday (3/2) from 9AM-9PM. Their next NCPA show is at Logan High School on Saturday (3/9) from 6-9 PM, with championships at the Stockton Arena on Saturday (3/30). In addition, they will have their WGI Dayton Tour in Ohio from (4/9) until (4/14). Show support to our very talented group by coming out to their next shows! Visit their website here for more updates on showtimes, rehearsals, and news.

Tri-City Percussion A

Additionally, TBC has started a brand new Winter Percussion Unit, named TCP-A, that features students from several schools and colleges in the Bay Area. This group’s goal is to provide opportunities for students whose school does not offer a Winter Percussion program of its own. Eventually, TCP-A may become a feeder program for TCP-Open, the WGI/CCGC group. TCP-A also performs at numerous shows throughout the region. Visit their website here for more updates on showtimes, rehearsals, and news.

TBC Special Needs Program

The TBC Special Needs Winter percussion program, opened in conjunction with Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN), is well underway. Both participants and volunteers are having a blast playing various percussion instruments. There will be a performance on February 9th at MSJ. We hope to see you there!


Alvin Tsui

2018-2019 TBC Chief Internal Affairs Officer