Quarter 4 Newsletter


Greetings, Tri-City Band Corps members! This issue of our quarterly newsletter introduces our upcoming events as well as wraps up this past quarter, in which we would like to thank all of our wonderful members and parents for their continuing support and participation.

A huge congratulations to our 2017-2018 Officer Board!

We would like to thank you for a wonderful year of support. Through your efforts, we have been able to purchase new instruments for our members. Through your efforts, Tri-City Band Corps’s dreams of sharing our love for music are slowly coming true. This newsletter marks the end of the term for 2016-2017 officers. Please continue to support us as we transition to a new term with new officers! We are super excited to share that our officer team is expanding. Next year’s officer team will the be the largest yet. However, nothing can ever replace our predecessors! We would like to wish all graduating seniors the best of luck in college and life. Please look forward to all the new things our 2017-2018 officer corps will bring!

Executive Team:

  • Chief Executive Officer (Dept. Head): Jessica Lee
  • Executive Director of the Cadet Regiment (Asst. Dept. Head): Olivia Mendoza
  • Chief of Staff: Kelsey Luu
  • Deputy Chief of Staff: Megna Anand

Music Department:

  • Chief Musical Director (Dept. Head): Alex Spencer
  • Deputy Chief Musical Director - Visuals (Asst. Dept. Head): Raymond Zhao
  • Color Guard Captain - Sabers: Athena Lim
  • Asst. Color Guard Captain - Rifles: Jolene Tsai
  • Asst. Color Guard Captain - Flags: William Huynh
  • Drum Captain: Keerthan Diddige
  • Asst. Drum Captain - Mallets: Anthony Choi
  • Chief Musical Composer: Fanheng Ye
  • Chief Music Librarian: Srinidhi Sridharan
  • Woodwind Section Leader: Melody Fang
  • Brass Section Leader: Pramodya Rajapaske

Supply Department:

  • Chief Supply Officer (Dept. Head): Albert Stanley
  • Deputy Chief Supply Officer - Uniforms (Asst. Dept. Head): Trevina Tan
  • Supply Officer: Caitlyn Tran
  • Supply Officer: Albert Chu
  • Supply Officer: Ishrat Virk
  • Deputy Chief Supply Officer - Equipment: Ted Hu
  • Supply Officer: Alvin Tsui
  • Deputy Chief Supply Officer - General Supplies: Derek Xia

External Affairs Department:

  • Chief External Affairs Officer (Dept. Head): Suraj Jamuar
  • Chief Technology Officer (Asst. Dept. Head): David Wang
  • Deputy Chief Technology Officer: Jonathan Li
  • Technology Officer: Angus Lam
  • Chief Recruitment Officer: Rebecca Limary
  • Recruitment Officer - JFK: Edward Kennedy
  • Recruitment Officer - IHS: Priti Sharma
  • Recruitment Officer - MSJ: Anirudh Kesanapally
  • Recruitment Officer - Milpitas: Christine Ma

Internal Affairs Department:

  • Chief Internal Affairs Officer (Dept. Head): Lucy Song
  • Chief Operations Officer (Dept. Head): Seona Patel
  • Chief Membership Officer: Megha Kak
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Neelima Peddu
  • Deputy Chief Marketing Officer: Ema Sun

Finance Department:

  • Chief Financial Officer (Dept. Head): Judy Wang
  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer - Events (Asst. Dept. Head): Trishna Shah
  • Senior Financial Officer - Restaurant Fundraisers: Chloe Chan
  • Senior Financial Officer - Volunteers: Isha Gupta
  • Senior Financial Officer - Supplies: Rebekah Rajadurai
  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer - Grants & Programs: Sunny Sun
  • Senior Financial Officer - Matching: Karen Zhu
  • Senior Financial Officer - Scrip: Kelsie Lam
  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer - Sales: Daniel Nguyen
  • Financial Officer: Elise Lee
  • Financial Officer: Owen Gao
  • Financial Officer: Andrew Zhang
  • Financial Officer: Hetvee Desai
  • Financial Officer: Bridget Daugherty
  • Financial Officer: Annie Wen
  • Financial Officer: Vicki Liu

2017 Fremont Festival of Arts

Summer is finally here, and there is no better way to enjoy the sun than going to a fair.with friends and food! Luckily, we’ve got the perfect festival for you! Every year, on the first weekend of August, Fremont hosts the Fremont Festival of Arts. Filled with awesome food (like funnel cakes) and fun activities. It’s a must go for local residents and visiting family. Like previous years, TBC will be setting up a funnel cake stand. Please make sure to come by and support all the hard work our members put in while enjoying some great food! Look out for us near Sweet Tomatoes, at the intersection of Walnut Ave. & Paseo Padre Blvd. Dates are Aug. 5th and Aug. 6!

Summer Parades

This year TBC’s Royal Regiment attended the Rancho Cordova July 4th Parade which was professionally adjudicated by NCBA judges (The same guys that judge you at band reviews and winter guard/percussion). TBC managed to place 1st out of all 5 bands while also picking up the music and marching sweepstakes. Even more impressive is that one of the other bands we beat was the Sacramento Mandarins a drum corps that competes at the World Class level! Our Cadet Regiment also placed equally well earning 1st place trophies for band, color guard, and drum major.

Make sure to come to our two other events for the Royal Regiment, the Salinas parade on July 15th and the Festival of Globe parade on August 13th. And if you still want to watch cute 6th, 7th, and 8th graders march, we suggest you join us at the Salinas Parade on July 15th and the Newark Days Parade on Saturday, September 16th. If you can’t make it, no worries! Follow us on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. We will also be posting a recording a video which will be posted on Youtube, so make sure to subscribe to our channel. Please come out to support our junior high and high school members. See you there!


DCI Bonding

What a BLAST! All of the bands had us at the edge of our seats as we watched them play music WHILE running/marching around and creating formation after formation. Going to DCI West as a bonding event is a yearly TBC tradition that helps us remember why marching band is so exciting. If you were there, thanks for stopping by and saying hello! If you weren’t there, make sure not to miss out next year.


May Pasta Feed

Yet another resounding success! With over 130 participants, TBC was able to fundraise for our future plans to tour Italy. Don’t worry if you missed out! Be sure to keep a close eye since we may host something different from our typical pasta feed!

TBC is finally adjusting to our new technological age. Recently, we have created accounts for all facets of social media including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and even Snapchat. Make sure to follow us on these social media sites to keep track of all of our events over summer!

Social Media


Twitter: @tbcorps


Instagram: @tricitybandcorps

Snapchat: @tbcorps