Greetings, Tri-City Band Corps members! This issue of our quarterly newsletter wraps up our fourth quarter, in which we would like to thank all of our wonderful members and parents for their continuing support and participation.

TBC’s Rebranding: Royal Regiment

TBC London Photo

With the 2016 launch of the highly successful Cadet Regiment for junior high students, members without any marching experience, and the pilot Highland Regiment, Tri-City Band Corps reorganized and rebranded their general marching band unit as a the Royal Regiment to help distinguish the three separate units now under the Tri-City Band Corps umbrella.

The term “Royal” was chosen to reflect the royal blue color of the uniforms, the modeling of our uniforms after British military uniforms, and to signify the senior status of the regiment over the other units within TBC.

Cadet Regiment

Tri-City Band Corps’ new cadet regiment is a separate junior high unit featuring rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders from all over Fremont. The Cadet Regiment was formed to help students transition into high school marching band, strengthening our local high school programs and to develop a feeder program for TBC’s Royal Regiment. With 58 total signups, we introduced our newest members to thousands of people at the 4th of July Parade!

Our cadets will also be performing in the Salinas Colmo Del Rodeo Parade on July 16th. They will be performing “Rawhide” as their competition piece and “Spirit of America.”  Our new Cadet Regiment is taught by a team of volunteers from our Royal Regiment. The team is led by Conductor Jeanine Tso, Drum Majors Anthony Ngo and Nathan Zheng, along with head Color Guard Instructor Kayla Cabral and Percussion Instructors Ryan Choi and Casey Quevedo.

Upcoming: Salinas Parade Dinner

Tri-City Band Corps will also be performing at the Salinas Colmo del Rodeo Parade on July 16th. We will be getting dinner at the Pizza Factory before the start of the parade, and we’ve organized a pizza buffet with all you can eat pizza, appetizers, and drinks, for just $10 per person (in cash on the day of the parade)! If you wish to participate, please click below for more details.

Please fill out this form about what type(s) of pizza you want (this form will be active until the day before the parade): Click Here!

In addition to performing at the Salinas Parade, members can attend the Santa Cruz Boardwalk bonding for the whole day prior to the parade start. Look forward to a whole day of beach, friends, and food!


Summer Parades

Tri-City Band Corps performed in its first parade of the summer season on July 4th, at the Fremont 4th of July Parade. With around 100 members at the parade, Tri-City Band Corps has once again displayed fireworks of vibrant musicality and colorful personalities. Post parade bonding featured Boudin Bakery and ice cream, courtesy of Citizens for a Better Community.

Fremont Festival of the Arts 2016

Tri-City Band Corps is preparing for the 2016 Fremont Festival of Arts, and we’ll be returning with funnel cakes! We recently purchased a funnel cake banner, so be on the lookout for our tent! The Festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7. Make sure to stop by, say hi, and buy!

New Officer Board

The 2016-2017 TBC Officers will feature our new Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Lee, a rising junior at Mission San Jose High School and the youngest CEO ever named to the role. Our new team will also introduce the first all-female Executive Team and Edward Kennedy, our first African American officer.


TBC Store

Tri-City Band Corps has created an online store that is accessible to our members, so be on the lookout for new merchandise soon: t-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, water bottles, and more! TBC is already selling hats online, labeled “Store” at the top of our website.


Bonding - Scottish Games

Tri-City Band Corps will be watching the US Marine Corps Marching Band, a 600+ person bagpipe band, and the US Drum Major Championships at the annual Scottish Games. This is a bonding event, and we encourage you all to attend and see some of the great marching performances!


New TBC Drums

This year's Fremont Fourth of July Parade was our first debut of the new TBC drums.  We have an all new snare line, bass line, and 2 quints!  With the beautiful wood construction and sharp looks, we'll be turning heads and ears towards our purcussion section.


New Awards System

The Fremont Unified School District School Board passed some new regulations for service learning that are effective immediately. In response to the new school policies, we will now be implementing new TBC Awards that will benefit members who have actively participated with the organization.

Click here to learn more!

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