Quarter Three




Greetings, TBC Members! This issue of our newsletter wraps up the third quarter and introduces our upcoming events. We would like to thank all of our wonderful members and parents for their participation and tremendous support towards our organization.


Elementary Band Program

Registration for our 2021 Virtual Summer Elementary band season is now open! We’re extremely excited to continue our program into the summer, and we warmly thank all of you for supporting us as we continue bringing music to the community. A huge difference this season is that the summer program will offer sectionals twice per week and have four levels of classes: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Wind Ensemble (new)! Volunteer registration is open as well and teaching students for our program is a great way to earn community service hours! Registration will close on June 1st. Feel free to spread the word about our program to friends and family! In order to sign up and find more information, please visit our website here.

Eternal Regiment

TBC will also be continuing the Eternal Regiment program for 4th to 8th graders this summer! We’ve designed an intense 8-week program for this season and we will be providing flags and rifles for all students while our supply lasts. We will also be adding weekly class meetings with our coaches twice per week. Like our band program, we also have community service opportunities for high school! Registration ends on June 1st and we would love it if you could join us in keeping color guard alive! In order to sign up and find more information, please visit our website here.

2021 Summer Clinics

TBC is offering 3 unique summer clinics this year: a drum major/band leadership clinic, guard clinic, and percussion clinic! Each clinic is taught by world-class instructors, such as Colin Whitcomb for percussion, Kent Giese for military, and Grantis Peranda for guard. The drum major/band leadership clinic will focus on technical skills pertaining to baton/mace as well as leadership skills when it comes to leading the band. The guard clinic will give students a chance to interact with other color guard members from around the Bay Area and learn special moves. Finally, the percussion clinic will center around learning technical skills and new music! We highly encourage anyone interested in these skills to join us in these sessions. Registration closes on June 1st. You can sign up for these clinics here.

2021-2022 General Officer Applications

Join the TBC Officer family! The success of our events is all thanks to the help and dedication of our amazing officers and volunteers. Take part in the planning of our parade rehearsals, performances, and fundraisers. Becoming an officer is an extremely valuable experience that will provide an opportunity to develop leadership and management skills in a professional environment. There is a huge range of officer positions, so there is always something for everyone to apply for. To apply, please fill out the application here and sign up for an interview. Applications are due on April 18th. To find more information, please visit our website here. We would love to have you on our team!

2021-2022 Executive/Department Applications

Thank you to everyone who applied for an executive or department head position! This year our application count increased by 50% and made for a very difficult selection process. Congratulations to all of our newly appointed officers for next year!


Chief Executive Officer - Soumya Rai (Washington HS)

Chief of Staff - Leena Jazrawi (Mission San Jose HS)


Director of Auxiliary Programs (Dept. Head) - Suhas Palawala (American HS)

Director of Elementary Programs (Asst. Dept. Head) - Jessica Mason (Irvington HS)

Deputy Director of Elementary Programs - Fremont - Anushka Peer (Logan HS)

Deputy Director of Elementary Programs - Cupertino - Angelica Wang (Monta Vista HS)

Director of Special Needs Regiment - Jocelyn Liu (Irvington HS)


Chief Musical Director (Dept Head) - Harshini Karthikeyan (American HS)

Deputy Chief Musical Director (Asst Dept Head) - Cameron Tran (Irvington HS)


Chief Supply Officer (Dept Head) - Vishnu Nair (Mission San Jose HS)

Chief Engineering Officer (Asst Dept Head) - Clement Wu (Mission San Jose HS)


Chief Technology Officer (Dept Head) - Akshitha Nagaraj (Mission San Jose HS)

Chief Membership Officer (Asst Dept Head) - Charitha Gangi (American HS)


Chief Operations Officer (Dept Head) - Jasmine Yu (Logan HS)

Chief Benefits Officer (Asst Dept Head) - Jessica Yu (Mission San Jose HS)


Chief Financial Officer (Dept Head) - Claris Chan (Mission San Jose HS)

Chief Accounting Officer (Asst Dept Head) - Dalia Jazrawi (Mission San Jose HS)

Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Asst Dept Head) - Priya Chanda (Irvington HS)

Spring Fundraisers

See’s Candies

TBC is excited to announce its brand new See’s Candies fundraiser! During this fundraiser, you can show your love for chocolate and music by participating in See's Candies' Yum-Raising! program. It comes as little hassle to you or your family to order delicious candies and chocolates from a world-renowned chocolatier. Order anything that might satisfy your sweet tooth here, and TBC will earn a profit on every item sold. This fundraiser will end on Sunday, April 25th, two weeks before Mother’s Day. Help us reach our goal!

Balloon Race

Please be on the lookout for our first EcoFriendly Virtual Balloon Race! Using real weather data and maps, participants will be able to purchase, customize, and launch virtual balloons in a 7-day race. You will also be able to be creative by designing your own balloon, as well as getting to decide the balloon’s helium content, balloon’s shape, and the thickness of the rubber used in the balloon, in order to create a balloon that can sustain the longest in the race. Have the whole family participate and compete against each other while having fun and winning prizes!


Suhas Palawala

2020-2021 TBC Chief Operations Officer