Quarter Four




Greetings, TBC members! This issue of our newsletter introduces our upcoming events and wraps up this past quarter. As the fourth and final quarter of our 2017-18 year comes to a close, we'd like to thank all of our wonderful members and parents for their tremendous support and participation towards our organization once again.​


Factory Tea Bar Fundraiser

Thank you to those who came out to support us at our fundraiser last Sunday! We will be holding another fundraiser on August 26th, where you will be able to pick up your service hours. Who would want to miss out on a chance to hang out with some friends and drink some boba? We hope to see you there!

TBC Summer College Counseling Sessions

As a thank you for participating in the group, we are now offering group college counseling sessions. These sessions are led by our founder, Harrison Cheng, a former UC Berkeley Admissions Officer and a private college counselor for over 15 years. These sessions are highly recommended for all students and parents. Even if you already have a counselor, it never hurts to get a second opinion. These sessions are great for planning out your four years in high school.

In order to attend a session, you must have participated in a parade in the last 12 months, or currently be signed up to participate in our summer parades! You can attend a college counseling session before you participate in a parade, but you must be signed up for one. Sessions are usually located at local boba or coffee shops, and locations will be disclosed after you sign up. We ask that you bring money to support their business, as well as pencil/pen and paper to take notes. Spaces are limited, so sign up now at this link!

July 4th Parade

Congratulations to our Royal Regiment for receiving second place on their second annual performance at the Rancho Cordova July 4th parade! It was a blast watching them play and compete against the world-class Mandarins while defending their first place title from last year, and our members had lots of fun enjoying the food and games at the carnival. Meanwhile, despite the high temperatures, the cadets performed extremely well with magnificent tone and volume, capturing the hearts of many audience members.

Our 2018-19 Officer Team

We would like to thank you all for an incredible year of support! Through all of your efforts, we have been able to purchase new instruments for our members, build a family among musicians, and work towards our goal of sharing our love of music!  This newsletter marks the end of our 2017-2018 officer term. Please continue to support us as we transition to a new officer team! We would like to wish all graduating seniors the best of luck in college and beyond. Meanwhile, we look forward to all the new things our 2017-2018 officer corps will bring! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication towards TBC!


Co-CEO - Annie Wen

Co-CEO - Megna Anand

Executive Director of the Cadet Regiment - Priti Sharma

Chief of Staff - Anthony Choi

Deputy Chief of Staff - VACANT



Chief Internal Affairs Officer (Dept Head) - Alvin Tsui

Chief Membership Officer (Asst. Dept Head) - Megan Friedenberg

Chief Operations Officer - Hetvee Desai

Chief Marketing Officer - Prathusha Jayaprakash

Deputy Chief Marketing Officer - Sunny Sun

Marketing Officer - Shialan Yu


External Affairs:

Chief External Affairs Officer (Dept Head) - Ema Sun

Chief Technology Officer (Asst. Dept Head) - Atreyo Chakrabarty

Technology Officer - Sashrika Pandey

Technology Officer - Jonathan Stock

Chief Recruitment Officer - Angeline Liu



Chief Supply Officer (Dept Head) - Caitlynn Tran

Deputy Chief Supply Officer (Asst. Dept Head) (Equipment) - Ted Hu

Deputy Chief Supply Officer (Uniforms) - Ishrat Virk

Deputy Chief Supply Officer (General) - Max Starmer

Senior Supply Officer - Gurmukh Nainani

Senior Supply Officer - Taylor Kern

Senior Supply Officer - Rohan Avuthu

Senior Supply Officer - Rachel Shen

Senior Supply Officer -Alex Lai

Supply Officer -Valerie Tai

Supply Officer - Juhi Thapar



Chief Musical Director (Dept Head) - Caitlin Lim

Deputy Chief Musical Director (Asst. Dept Head) - Raymond Zhao

Deputy Chief Musical Director - Allyson Lagonzinski

Deputy Chief Musical Director - Kayla Chen

Color Guard Captain (Sabres) - Cathy Wang

Asst. Color Guard Captain (Rifles) - William Huynh

Asst. Color Guard Captain (Flags) - Nathaniel Chang

Drum Captain -Keerthan Diddige

Asst. Drum Captain - VACANT

Chief Musical Composer - VACANT

Chief Music Librarian - Angelica Fu

Woodwind Section Leader - Kerrine Tai

Brass Section Leader -Pramodya Rajapakse



Chief Finance Officer (Dept Head) - Rebekah Rajadurai

Deputy Chief Finance Officer (Asst. Dept Head) (Events) - Kelsie Lam

Deputy Chief Finance Officer (Grants & Programs) - Andrew Zhang

Deputy Chief Finance Officer (Sales) - Joanne Soo

Senior Finance Officer (Restaurant Fundraisers) - Chloe Chan

Senior Finance Officer (Volunteers) - Isha Gupta

Senior Finance Officer (Supplies) - Bridget Daughterty

Senior Finance Officer (Matching) - Owen Gao

Senior Finance Officer (Scrip) - Anaamika Nair

Finance Officer - Maggie Lai

Finance Officer - Allison Huang

Finance Officer - Joanna Wang

Finance Officer - Kriti Iyer

Finance Officer - Neelima Peddu

Finance Officer - Hannah Kam

Finance Officer - Nishi Bhagat

DCI West

Wow, DCI West blew our minds! Every year, TBC comes out to watch DCI West, and it is so thrilling to see them play. Thanks to those who came out to volunteer, we hope to see you all next year!


Daniel Nguyen

2017-2018 TBC Chief Internal Affairs Officer